Country Kids Playhouse

Just the FAQ's

Ask The Right Question

There are a few questions we have heard that we hope all parents will ask of their daycare provider…


We are Colorado licensed (1638525) and were highly rated under Qualistar (4 stars, 2014), but as a small daycare, we are not large enough to bother with any national accredidation nor Colorado’s new QRIS rating.

Child Limitations?

We take children from 1 month to 16 years old, however we never have more than 2 children under the age of 2 years old at a time. Currently we try for 8 children at any one time, 12 if two providers are on-site. Call for more details.


We to keep our hours flexible for a vast number of work schedules and obtain substitute help for staff training. We only keep a small handful of holidays to ourselves. See Hours and Rates for details.

History? Experience?

We have been in operation since 2013, keeping up with such state requirements as First Aid and CPR. One of our providers is the mother of kids with life-threatening food allergies, so we have experience both in special food preparation and emergency allergy situations.

Ask The Specific Question

Our goal is for every child to feel safe and loved, ready to explore and learn about the world around them.


The parent would have to provide the needed support for handicaps requiring more assistance than other children including special medical needs training, however the building is wheelchair accessible with a fully accessorized ADA bathroom.

Field Trips? Parent Participation?

 We support parental participation in events and field trips and are equipped to safely handle such trips as we do them. Our staffholds degrees in Elementary Education and Library Science as well as continuing education in Early Childhood Education.

Special Education?

We try to tailor all educational and physical learning to the needs of the children, accomodating all types of learning, though it is in a group setting. Should the child be too disruptive for such a setting, we can help you find a more suitable environment.


We can give references upon request. Your paperwork will include a copy of our policies and we can offer a generic copy of our daily schedule upon request. Expect for the provider on duty to give you a run-down on the day’s events when you come to pick the child up.