Family Involvement

What You Need to Know

Translation Services

While we do try to enforce reading and writing in English, we also embrace learning other languages. This includes looking for other language translation upon request and by appointment.

Meet Other Parents

We hold a couple of events each year that we invite all parents to. Please come and enjoy, get to know other parents. Parenting can be tough. Sometimes it helps having others around that are going through the same stresses. And this is a good way to make new friends as well. Your kids aren’t the only ones that enjoy a good play date.

A Time to Play

All parents are welcome to come spend a day (by appointment) anytime. Experience what is Country Kids Playhouse for yourself, not just hear stories from your children. Just be prepared to be a kid again.

A Time to Teach

We welcome parents who have something to share to schedule in a time to share, whether it be their culture, their non-English language, or their career or hobbies. Just for one example, Marion’s son-in-law is a volunteer with NASA, a Solar System Ambassador, and loves to share his excitement about astronomy and space exploration with kids. What do you have to share?