Country Kids Playhouse

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Core Philosophy

A children will always feel safe, respected, and free to explore and learn at their own pace, encouraged to do their best and grow to be their best selves in caring, long-term relationships with our staff.


We present an appropriate mix of materials and concepts to learn from, from reading, writing, and arithmatic to science, technology, and engineering.


We love to learn about other cultures and languages and try to inspire kids to get excited about it as well, whether it is their own or someone else’s cultural celebrations.


We help children develop skills of positive self-control and expression as well as safe social skills such as stranger danger, proper safety gear for the right situations, and so on.


While we strive to keep the kids healthy with hand-washing, teaching to cough in our elbows, and other techniques, we also teach good eating habits and partner with our parents towards the goal of healthy kids.

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